Locking Strech Shoe Laces

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The Locking Strech Shoe Laces are elastic shoelaces that won't ever come untied. These shoelaces are designed to give optimum flexibility without coming loose or untied. They're perfect for working out, running, or just everyday use.



  • High quality plastic buckle + Elastic Rope
  • Stable yet stretchy.
  • Designed to give plenty of flexibility and room for movement.
  • Won't come loose or untied.
  • Length: 35.4"-39.4" / 90-100cm.
  • Easy to Install, No cutting required, Convenient to use.


Perfect for athletes, runners, golfers, etc.
Very convenient, never have to stop to retie your laces during any sport or activity ever again!!
Just slip your shoes on and off, no more tying and untying. 
Locking laces provide a better fit which helps improve performance and avoids the problems of nylon/cotton shoelaces.